Elafonisos is located in the prefecture of Laconia, between Maleas Peninsula and Kithira, and is the southern tip of the Peloponnese. The geographical boundaries of Elafonisos include the land and the beach of Pounta (opposite the island), where most of the Elafonissitian agricultural crops are located, as well as the extremely important wetland, Lake Stroggili. The opposite coast of Pounta, the islet that passes through, Pavlopetri, the islands of Panagia Kasselia, Thin Island and Prasonisi, as well as the islet Agliftis constitute the land of Elafonissos. It has many sandy beaches, most famous of  them is the Frangos – Sarakiniko (Simos) twin beach on the south side of the island, but also a unique rocky beach hidden behind the islet of Agliftis in the West of the island.

In the past, Elafonisos was a peninsula (ancient name of Onou Gnathos), the land that united with the opposite coast cut off and so the island was formed. This area has so far changed to a 500-meter channel. and depth up to 3m. Recognized separate settlements of Elafonisos are Kato Nisi and Kapari (December 1991), Pounta and Lefki (December 2001). Pounta located on the opposite coast is about 550 meters from the island.

Elafonisos is about 49 km from Molaos, 4 nautical miles from Kythera, with which it is separated from the Strait of Elafonisos and about 27 nautical miles from Gythio. It has a total area of ​​22 square meters. km (18 sq km on the island and 4 sq km out of it) and a total perimeter of 31.2 km.


Access to Elafonisos is mainly by road, either by car or by bus or private taxi. In any case, you have access to the road to Pounta (Ypostego), from where you can go by ferry or boat to the island throughout the year and more regularly during the summer months. From Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and from Kalamata Airport you can reach Elafonisos by car. Alternatively, access to Elafonisos has private boats which either tie to the harbor or to the creeks around the island. There is no transport within the island. The remote beaches can be visited with a private car or private boat, a tourist boat serving guests, or even a bicycle or motorbike that can be hired by a local business on the island.

*Information from the official website of the Municipality of Elafonisos (elafonisos.gov.gr)