At the southern tip of the Peloponnese, where the cape Malea is located, Kythera stands out as an extension of the sea. An area of ​​land of 284 sq. Km., Most of the land is mountainous with several fertile valleys and overgrown gorges, which is an extension of the South-East Peloponnese and lies at a distance of 12.5 nm. from Cape Malea. The blue sea that surrounds the island consists of three seas, united in Kythera, making them an important place for the eastern Mediterranean.

The coasts of the island, with its bold and purple beaches in the east, are becoming steep to the west, where the rocky slopes end up in the sea, interrupted by small and remote but picturesque and beautiful beaches, many of which are accessible only by the sea. In total, the shores of Kythera extend over 43 nm. and they make dozens of small and big bays.


Daily ferry schedules are made from the port of Neapoli.

*Information from the official website of the Municipality of Kythera (